THERAPY 4. "Dreams, Virginity and God"

This week I talk to registered psychotherapist Anne Schnurr about the importance of dreams.

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Podcast notes....from Therapy 4.

The other dream I had was when I was about sixteen…


It starts with me standing in a tall white house. I need to get out..I turn and start running down the hallway looking into empty rooms… trying to find an exit. I eventually am outside the house but there is black barbwire surrounding it about two feet away from the wall. I run around and around the house trying to find an opening. Eventually I do and then I’m running down a dirt road…everything is dusty and faded…as I’m running I hear a telephone ringing.

I keep running and someone says… “Tammy its for you” I shout back

“Who is it?”

The other person says.. 

“It’s you”


So I turn and start running towards the phone which is in the middle of a field. It’s an American style phone booth.. glass. I pick up the receiver..


“Please, I’m still inside the house” I reply

“ok, hold on, I’m coming to get you” I say


I start running back towards the house, I’m really scared and determined, I get through the barb wire and I’m running around the house eventually I get in, and then I’m running from room to room slamming doors open, until I get to the final door ..

I push the door open with force. The room in front of me is white and full of light, it’s set up like a chapel with pue’s in lines and a huge cross on the back wall, and in the front row is me standing looking up at the cross…I clearly see the back of my head and then it starts to turn..i start to look back at myself, to turn around and face myself and then I wake up.


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